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Blue Box Live is a 24/7 remote service that allows monitoring of vital parameters that affect MRI cryogenic material levels.

Our technology monitors parameters against OEM range specs and transfers real-time data to our Data Center. When a spec falls out of range an alarm triggers notifying customers immediately by email or SMS text message to a smartphone. This allows service engineers or bio-med departments to proactively take action and prevent potential helium loss and/or equipment failure.

Remote monitoring is done by Internet connection and mobile MRI units are monitored using wireless technology. This service greatly reduces the number of emergency calls saving customers money by avoiding costly system downtime and minimizing travel to sites.

Monitoring Information Flow

Key Vital Parameters

  • Water Temperature
  • Water Flow Rate
  • Helium Percentage Level
  • Magnet Pressure Vessel
  • Electronic Cabinet Room Temperature
  • Electronic Cabinet Relative Humidity

Key Benefits

  • Real time alerts via email and sms
  • Web based access to vital parameters on site or multiple sites
  • Allows service engineers to be proactive
  • Avoids unnecessary travel expenses
  • Avoids unnecessary equipment failures

Remote Web Access

Customers can access our secure website (Login button at upper right corner) to review real time parameters that affect cryogenic material levels including, temperatures, water flow, humidity and related pressures allowing them to examine trends or changes in parameters. This added service helps identify abnormalities in cryogenic consumption and magnet operation allowing corrective and/or preventative actions to be taken.


Web Access Application

BlueBoxLive offers an online web application that allows real time monitoring of key parameters along with browsing of data history. Parameter behavior can be graphed by date/time and trends can be easily identified helping identify equipment failure.

Browse Data History

  • Upon logging in to web application, latest data parameters are shown for every registered Blue Box in that login account.

  • Multiple Blue Boxes can be registered and accessed on real time.

  • Latest data parameters are emailed twice daily to account owner or designated service engineers.

Browse Data History

  • Data history can be retrieved for specific date ranges.

  • Data is displayed on line charts showing up or downward trends.

  • Data parameters that are out of range are shown with a red background.

Browse Data History Charts

  • Each parameter is shown individually.

  • Charts are displayed according to specified date ranges.

  • Instant visualization of parameter behavior.

About Us

Blue Box Technologies is an independent equipment design and development company focused exclusively on custom applications that address our clients most challenging needs.

Blueboxlive has proven methodologies from providing technical support, to providing industry leading cryogenic management peace of mind to service engineers and imaging centers.

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